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The professional accounting and consulting services that you receive from TC Training & Consulting to assist you in dealing with the challenges ahead will have a significant impact on the success of your business. We are confident that our dedicated professionals will add to that success in a substantial way. In exchange for your confidence in us, below are examples of services we are committed to provide:

• Timely and efficient consulting services

• Benefits from our substantial industry-specific experience

• Creative ideas and business strategies

• Forensic accounting services and analysis

• Close personal attention and regular communication throughout the year

Tax Practitioning

T.C Training & Consulting are registered Tax Practitioners with SARS and pride ourselves in providing Tax services in a quick, legal and comprehensive manner to our clients. We offer the following services to Corporates as well as individuals:

• VAT returns via e-filing or manually if preferred

• Monthly PAYE submission

• Income Tax return

• SDL & OID Registration and submission to name a few

If you want your tax to be handled in a professional way, contact us!


T.C Training & Consulting offers an expert Payroll Outsourcing service dedicated to relieve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the task of running a legally compliant Payroll department.

T.C Training & Consulting also offers a partial outsourcing solution, which allows companies to outsource only certain components of their Payrolls such as executive Payrolls for confidentiality purposes.

Save time with our efficient and legally compliant Payroll outsourcing service. No more Payroll nightmares!

As not all companies have the manpower to process their salaries and wages effectively, or the finances to purchase Payroll software, outsourcing the Payroll can offer them the required support and services coupled with the necessary market understanding and expertise at an affordable price.

We allow you to focus on your strengths, knowing that your Payroll is efficiently, confidentially and legally handled by an experienced tax and Payroll partner.  For a set monthly fee, Payroll will become a cost effective and hassle-free experience.

Why choose T.C Training & Consulting to handle your Payroll?

T.C Training & Consulting removes the struggle and nightmare that your Payroll can become. Instead of diverting resources away from your core business to run a full-time payroll department, you can now rely on TC to provide you with a complete outsourced payroll solution. One of the most prevalent reasons to outsource your Payroll is the assurance that your Payroll data is kept completely confidential and secure at all times.

Outsourcing cuts complexity

Legislation governing Payroll is becoming more complex with every passing month and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fully comply with all the acts. In addition, the resources required to effectively run a compliant Payroll operation are often beyond the financial capabilities of SME’s, and even those that can afford it find the task too complex. What’s more, currently there are 6 Acts that govern Payroll in South Africa and in addition, complex rules governing Directors’ salaries.

Catering for all your Payroll frequencies

We cater for monthly, weekly and fortnightly Payroll frequencies, as determined by you, the customer, offering full confidentiality and reliability.

Offering a Solution according to your Payroll Requirements

This service is easy to implement, offering you customised payslips, printed on professional, confidential stationery - reports and leave administration, which are all part of the solution.


With us taking responsibility for processing your Payroll, you no longer have to purchase and install your own Payroll software. In addition, the associated costs of annual license fees, consulting fees, training and seminars will be avoided, and it also saves on the cost of employing a Payroll administrator.

Click Here for a more detailed description of how we can assist your company in reaching it’s full potential, starting with a comprehensive needs analysis and evaluation as well as training and ongoing support.

Needs Analysis